KPLU’s Jazz Northwest on Greenblatt Generations Band

Multi-generational bands are not uncommon in jazz, but a bit more unusual is a Father and Son front line. Tatum Greenblatt (trumpet) and his father Dan Greenblatt (tenor saxophone) have been playing gigs together since Tatum was in elementary school. Both are now veterans of both New York and Seattle jazz scenes and still enjoy playing together.

Tatum is active in New York and Dan lives in Seattle and they’ve been fronting a quintet several times a year for a reunion at Tula’s. Earlier this month, their gig was recorded for Jazz Northwest and highlights will air on 88.5 KPLU on Sunday, April 12 at 2 PM PDT and stream at

Joining the Greenblatts are pianist Randy Halberstadt, a mainstay on the Seattle music scene and Cornish College music faculty, Michael Glynn on bass and Phil Parisot on drums, both, like Tatum are alumni of the Garfield High jazz program.

– Jim Wilke

Listen to the full Tula’s performance on KPLU ยป