“Ben Sidran, Old School Hipster at the Sunset-Sunside”

(Translated from the original French)

Six years and two albums have passed since the album Dylan Different q ui had devoted mad love between the pianist, singer and specialist in American jazz and Paris with a live recording (see our report book concert at New Morning). This is the Sunset-Sunside Ben Siran operates in three sets and the match 10 to 13 November in a “gig” culminated with his group where his son, Leo, operates on drums.

We went to hear this November 11th in the long perfectly packed house, with a majority of the American public and perfectly in unison. Charming bad boy hanging on the back of the room until the last moment when Ben Sidran going to the scene, sitting at the piano, surrounded by his bassist, his son on drums and Bob Rockwell on saxophone, he gives the signal that the real fun begins. And they begin with an apology: Rodolphe Burge, advertised as a party of the concert, faint. The trumpet of the brilliant Tatum Greenblatt replaces the guitar festival founder. It is in my valley.

One or two pieces are enough to slowly enter the public in a trance with the familiar rhythm of a jazz which plunges us into an eternal New York. We enter fully into the concert – as in a strong charm – when Sidran intones the groovy “Blue Camus’ eponymous title of his latest album (Bonsai Music, 2014), where the musical variations mingle with a sung-spoke full of Experience life in New York.

Having placed his audience in a trance, leaving a little time to clear solo Tatum Greenblatt then Bob Rockwell, Sidran takes over and voice. He followed several tracks on the penultimate album Don’t Cry For No Hipster (Bonsai Music, 2013). He shares sympathetic historical and sociological considerations about what a hipster: the concept dates back to even before having Williamsburg began to gentrify and time of prohibition. If today “Everyone is hip” in time there was the real rebel. Sidran speaks quickly in English to an audience that includes clockwork and smiled with him when the old sea dog calls itself an “Old school hipster.”

– Yael

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