Der Westen (Germany): “World Music as International Understanding”

(Translated from the original German)

As Richard Bona at the end of a colorful concert in the Philharmonie his listeners with a tender-dreamy solo a “Goodnight” wanted because nobody thought in the hall that this Friday night as others would end well everything.

Here the singing bass player from Cameroon had shown with his knotless between jazz, fusion, Latin and World Music iridescent band previously, as that sounds when meet different cultural influences. World music in the best sense. The Cubans Ludwig Afonso drummed cool grooves that Isamu McGregor casual colored on keyboards along with guitarist Adam Stoler. In the African-inspired serenity wove Richard Bona his hot pulsating five-string, including Tatum Greenblatt put fragrant trumpet accents.

About the original melange on top floated the flexible voice of 48-year-old bandleader who told incomprehensible tales in his mother tongue Douala.The cleverly integrated by him audience enjoyed the varied appearance but clearly and experienced a great band that proved confidently that (world) music is international understanding.

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